Bare Walls and Pea Plants

My life is quite different from “normal” life.  We, as missionaries, don’t watch TV, read the news, or books (other than scripture).  We don’t have an 8-5 career or go to a university to learn.  Our job consists of approaching strangers and guiding them to the answers to life’s greatest questions–hoping they will ask God to know for themselves if what we say is true.  Our learning is in the 3 hours set aside in the morning to study and pray from and about the ‘best of books…’ (D&C 88: 118).

Random thought, I often wonder what others think as they see two young girls in skirts enter the sketchiest parts of town and who, if robbed, would have nothing but a bag full of copies of the Book of Mormon.  This, fortunately has never happened to me.  Anyway…

The other week we had someone come to upgrade our light bulbs to be more ‘energy efficient’ and came home to the notice and survey on the counter.  Yes, what did they think?  Several college students live around us.  We may have some similarities: twin beds and virtually empty refrigerators, but no gaming console, banana chairs, flat screen or empty pizza boxes.  In place of those things: two large desks, a bookshelf full of pamphlets, several pictures of Christ and many seedlings trying to grow, haha.

Let me explain…

A few weeks ago, a member of our congregation approached us to help with a service project.  Since we are encouraged to be self-sustaining, we are helping some people in the greater Rochester area plant their own gardens!  She asked if we would help by growing seedlings in our apartment.  Neither my companion nor I have ever really done this before but we were excited.  We save all of our milk cartons, yogurt, jello, and pudding cups, cottage cheese containers and anything else we can to plant our little seeds!  We have about 30 planted.  Mint, butternut squash and peas.  Since this is something I’ve never done before, I didn’t realize how much patience it took.

Every morning we wake up excited to see if there is any sign of new life.  And every morning I’ve been disappointed to see nothing but dirt.  I started wondering, “did I do it wrong?”, “Were they bad seeds?”  Day after day, nothing.  Until…a couple days ago!!!  One butternut squash (which is really growing now) and one pea plant (see picture above).  YEA!!!  I did it!  But, I still have a long way to go before they bear fruit.

Now, there’s a little bit more to it than just planting seedlings.  There’s a song that goes like this:


(click ‘Words and Music’ in top right hand corner)

Faith is knowing the sun will rise,

Lighting each new day.

Faith is knowing the Lord will hear,

My prayers each time I pray.

Faith is like a little seed:

If planted it will grow.

Faith is a swelling within my heart.

When I do right, I know.


I love this song and I love the message.  I love Christ’s parable of the sower as well.  Once we plant a seed, we can no longer see it.  But!  We can know it is there.  We can and give it light and water and good soil to help it grow!  So it is with all the mysteries of God.  We can know He’s there, we just have to do a little work!


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