I can’t believe I’m old enough to use the phrase, “When I was a kid…”

When I was a kid:

George Bush Sr. is elected President.

The greenhouse effect is discovered.

America’s Most Wanted debuts.

Prozac is introduced to the public.

CD’s outsell albums for the first time.

#1 Song of The Year: Roll With It – Steve Winwood.

Top grossing film of the year: Who Framed Roger Rabbit.

Penny Loafers with a penny in them and Levis with the cuffs rolled up were the fashion statements of the year.

Average price of a car in 1988: $14065.00

Average price of a gallon of milk in 1988: $2.00

Average price of a loaf of bread in 1988: $0.61

Average price of a stamp in 1988: $0.25

Cost of a gallon of gas: between 72 cents and 98 cents


When my mom was a kid:

The soviet Union puts Sputnik III into orbit with a total payload of 7,000 lbs and called it a “flying laboratory”.

The median U.S. family income is $5,087 and half of the families income is below the median.

A gallon of gasoline was 30 cents per gallon.

Levi’s cost $3.75 for one pair.

Mutt & Jeff’s hot dog was 25 cents, french-fries 10 cents and a coke was 10 cents.  We ate lunch for less than 50 cents.


IHOP opened it’s first restaurant in Los Angeles.

Stereo records are introduced

The U.S. launches it’s first communications satellite.

Aluminum cans first produced by Kaiser Aluminum.

President Eisenhower signs the Alaska Statehood Act into US law.

“Splish Splash” by Bobby Darin was a big hit.

Sugar Ray Robinson wins the middleweight boxing title for a record fifth time.

Americans buy 100 million hula-hoops, introduced by Wham-O, Mfg.


It’s fun to see, (or sometimes not so fun to see) how times have changed.  But!  No matter how young or old we are, one thing doesn’t change.  Diapers or wrinkles, binkies or dentures, we are all children of a loving God who will lift us if we fall. 


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